Monday, May 17, 2010

The Wonderment of Tea

Certainly traveling to exotic place to drink tea is exciting, but what excites me more is that virtually most tea is available in the United States. As you would see in Exquisite Teas, I am able to locate tea from almost anywhere and that is pure joy and wonderment to me. Yesterday I went looking for a Caydanlik, which is a brewer for Turkish tea, As Turkish tea is brewed differently, then most other tea on earth.

A Caydanlik is two teapots, one a top the other, one heats the water, and one heats, and brews the tea.  In the top part you place the tea with a small amount of water, and in the bottom part you boil the water, then add to the top to make the tea. In addition to that the Turks add a lot more tea to the Caydanlik than Americans add to the pot. Turks always serve there tea in small heatproof tea glasses. Turkish tea is served with a dessert spoon of sugar, and milk.

For ages the Turkish people were famous for there strong coffee.  It must suprise those who find out that Turkey is the leading tea drinking nation on earth. To purchase  Turkish goods including all that I have mentioned, the largest marketplace for Turkish goods is at New York City's  Tulumba, from foods to tea, to belly dancing supplies and tea glasses.  or

If you are located in New York City, Tulumba delivers for free.

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