Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Captivating Cuppa: French Teas

From The houses of tea in France come excellant teas, without exceptional prices............ or prices within reason, we are a loose tea blog, and a Equisite Teas for the most part we talk about loose teas with the exception of new people who might not have had anything but fannings. the first tea that comes to mind is
Mariage Freres, available with shops in Paris, my favorite being  17, Place de la Madeleine, and for the tea salon,Restaurant, Museum, 260,  Fauborg  Saint - Honore for their Tea shop, they have several other locations in France, Germany, and Japan. Mariage Freres, The restarant, and tea salon was unsuccessful in New York City and they closed in the mid nineties. This tea is extrordinary it is available at Market Hall Foods, on there website 3.50 ounces under $25.00  All Worth trying. Available at

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