Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fruit-Tea Smoothie - Basic

Tea Smoothie

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Preperation Time 10 mins

Makes 2   servings

1 cup  cold strong tea, your choice of flavors

1 cup Frozen Fruit, your choice of fruit

1 cup, juice, your choice

1 cup  plain yogurt

1/2 tbs. honey, or agave nectar

2 cups ice cubes

1. In blender or food processor combine all ingredients on high speed of blender.

Serves 2

Peach Tea, with peaches and white peach juice
Cocconut Pouchong, with pinapple, and 1/3 cup coco loco coocont in a can, in beverage asile.
Earl Grey Tea  with Blueberries
Mango tea with Peaches, and Papaya

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