Friday, February 11, 2011

Ginger Me, and 51 more teas each year, Has this Kansas Company making a name for Itself

By creating a new hand crafted artisan tea each week, 52 Teas creates a whole new way to enjoy tea. In my estimation this is just not clever, it's brilliant, and this company is definately on a roll all by itself. So every week a new tea is created, that is as individualized as you can imagine. 52 Teas wakes us up with new flavors unheard of in the traditional tea industry. "GINGER ME" is there tea for the week of February 7th. Tradition is wonderful, but 52 teas has an unheard of plan to take your tea drinking up a notch.

with free shipping you can try these fresh and fragrant teas, A new one every week.

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